Arch at Maes-y-Bryner

The Arches of Nannau

The Arch at Maes-y-Bryner

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Postcard of the 1820 Arch at Maes-y-Bryner circa 1920.
This is one several arches commemorating the 1820 coronation of George IV. The wide Tudor arch was Grade II Listed in 1995. It is situated on a private road leading to Maes-y-Bryner Isaf.

There used to be a slate tablet on the inside (left) of the arch which read…

'This arch was finished the day that George III died.' (20th January, 1820).

The tablet is visible on the postcard, but is no longer there.

The Grade II Listing states:

An early 19th century decorative folly-arch built as an estate feature by Sir Robert Williames Vaughan of Nannau in rustic style. It has flanking sections of wall containing arched slits with projecting rubble cills and vernacular projecting voussoirs. The arch was originally capped to give a pedimented effect; 2 large slate-stone lintel pieces formerly performing this function lie nearby.
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    Postcard of Maes-y-Bryner Arch c.1920. The two stone lintels either side have been removed, but are lying on the ground close by. The whereabouts of the stone plaque is unknown, if you know where it is, please let me know as I’d love to have a photo of it.

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    Maes-y-Bryner Arch in 2014

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    Maes-y-Bryner Arch in 2014

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    A new road was built to bypass the arch in 1998.

  • A Stone Arch at the Entrance to Yr Hen Ardd

    Grade II Listed Tudor Arch built by Sir Robert Williames Vaughan Bart, of Nannau in 1828. Inscribed on both sides, RW v AM 1828 (Robert Vaughan & Anna Mostyn). A Nannau Estate feature built at the northern side of the Deer Park on a secondary driveway to the house. This is close to Yr Hen Ardd.

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    Maes-y-Bryner in 1940 (© Christopher Quaile)

Y Garreg Fawr “The Great Stone”

This arch marked the entrance to the Nannau Estate from the Llanfachreth side. The 18-ton lintel was transported over ten miles from near The Roman Steps, by four of Sir Robert Vaughan’s tenants who were late with their rent payments.

The arch is Grade II listed.
  • Y Garreg Fawr in 2014 (1)

    Y Garreg Fawr in 2014

  • Y Garreg Fawr in 2014 (2)

    Y Garreg Fawr in 2014

  • Y Garreg Fawr in 2014 (3)

    Y Garreg Fawr in 2014

  • Y Garreg Fawr in 2009

    Y Garreg Fawr in 2009